It’s great that WordPress puts the power of a content management system into the hands of everyday website owners like us – the ability to add, edit and improve our pages and posts in a simple editor is a huge step forward.

There are however a few things that are limiting about the standard editor (affectionately called TinyMCE).  Things like a lack of support for tables, limited ability to format text, etc – none of us want to have to dig into the HTML code to get these basic features.

If you have got to grips with the WordPress admin screens and want to get a bit more out of the editor there are a couple of plug ins that can really help:

Both plug-ins can add a whole array of buttons to the standard editor to allow you to insert and format tables, style fonts and much much more.  Note that before these buttons show up you will need to go to the plug-in Settings page and select which additional features you would like.

Tiny MCE Advanced is a bit simpler than the Ultimate plug in, but Ultimate has more buttons and features, and a good explanation of what each button.  Whichever you choose, they are both a great addition to the WordPress capabilities.

As always if you are interested in adding these plug-ins but are not sure how to proceed, we would be happy to help you.